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The Best Hair Color Highlights: Techniques, Types, and Maintenance Services 

Adding highlights to your hair can be a fun and easy way to add dimension and depth to your natural color or to achieve a completely new look. However, with so many different types of highlights and techniques available, it can be overwhelming to know where to start. 

That’s why we have created this ultimate guide to hair highlights, covering everything you need to know about different types of highlights, techniques, maintenance and factors to consider. So, whether you’re a seasoned highlight pro or a newbie, let’s get started! 

Understanding Hair Highlights

Definition of Hair Highlights

  • Hair highlights are a technique of coloring hair strands, typically lighter than the natural color, to create dimension or highlights. Highlights can be applied all over the head or strategically placed on certain sections. 

Explanation of the Different Techniques for Hair Highlights

  • There are various techniques to apply hair highlights, including Foil Highlights, Hair Painting, Frosting, and Chunking. Each has its unique application process and result. 

Highlighting vs. Lowlighting Hair

  • Highlighting hair means adding lighter colored strands, and lowlighting are adding darker colored strands to the hair. 

Factors to Consider Before You Get Hair Highlights

Skin Tone

  • When considering highlighting, it’s important to take into consideration your skin tone. Warmer skin tones look great with warmer highlights, while those with cool skin tones may want to opt for cooler toned highlights. 

Hair Type and Color

  • Your natural hair color and hair texture can also affect the type of highlights that will work best for you. Speak to your hair colorist to determine what type of highlights will complement your hair type and color.

Maintenance of Hair Highlights

  • Different types of highlights require different maintenance, and it’s important to consider this before you commit to getting highlights. Be sure to ask your stylist about maintenance and upkeep, and ensure you’re willing to put in the time and effort necessary to keep your highlights looking great. 

Hairstyle Goals

  • Before getting highlights, think about the styles you want to be able to create with them. Dyeing your hair for the first time can be a drastic change, so make sure to consult with your colorist to understand the range of styles that will be available to you. 

Different Types of Hair Highlights

Foil Highlights

  • Foil highlights involve weaving small sections of hair and placing them in foil packets, which are then saturated with bleach. This method allows for greater precision and control in the placement of highlights, perfect for those looking for a very specific look. 

Hair Painting

  • Hair painting is usually used to achieve an overall sun-kissed look with subtle variations in the color. It involves hand-painting the highlights onto the hair without using foil, which results in a softer, more blended look.


  • Frosting, a technique that involves using a cap to place highlights throughout the hair, is an ideal way to subtly add highlights to hair without making the change too drastic.


  • Chunking is a bold highlight technique that involves adding large slices of color to the hair, usually in a strong contrast to the natural color. This method creates a bold, edgy style. 

Achieving Different Types of Hair Highlights

Hairline Coloring

  • Colorist typically adds highlights around the hairline to create definition and frame the face. This approach is ideal for those who prefer to start small and gradually work their way up to more full-on highlights.

Full Head Highlights

  • Full head highlights involve applying the color to all the hair, usually in thicker sections. This method is perfect for those looking to completely transform their look.

Partial Highlights

  • Partial highlights usually involve applying the highlights to the top layer of the hair, creating a more natural looking style.


  • Babylights are baby-fine highlights that are applied to sections of hair, creating a subtle and natural-looking tone of color. This technique is perfect for those looking for a more understated look. 

Maintenance of Hair Highlights

Maintenance Tips

  • To maintain your highlights, ensure that you are using products specifically formulated for color-treated hair, avoiding heat, and regularly conditioning your hair.

Products to Use

  • Use products specifically formulated for color-treated hair, including color-protecting shampoos and conditioners. 

Products to Avoid

  • Avoid harsh shampoos, conditioners, and styling products that can strip the color and lead to fading quickly. 

Importance of Regular Salon Visits

  • Seeing your colorist regularly ensures that your highlights are maintained and refreshed every few months so that the hair’s new growth doesn’t create an obvious line of demarcation. 

Getting highlights can be an exciting and transformative experience for your hair, but it’s essential to take the time to consider what will work best for your hair type, color, skin tone, and desired style. By understanding the different types of highlights, techniques and factors to consider, you’ll be able to create a look that is unique and fits your personality while ensuring it is easy to maintain and style.

Whether you’re looking for au natural sun-kissed locks or bold and dramatic color, with the right guidance from your stylist, the possibilities are endless!

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