Professional Hair Coloring Services

HighLights, Foilyage, Ombre, Balayage

Hair Coloring Services

Ready for a new Hair Color look and style? Looking to bring your hair back to life with dazzling color?

At Avant-Garde Salon and Spa, we have Professional Hair Stylist who understand the depth and dimension of all types of hair to create a beautiful hair color and application every time we apply hair color ideas with the client.

Looking for a Balayage, Ombre, Babylights, Partial Highlights, Foilyage, or The Trendy AirTouch Technique? Maybe a whole change of color; our Color and Styling Experts are ready for you!

Professional Hair Coloring Service Salon in Miami
Professional Hair Coloring Service Salon in Miami

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Professional Hair Color Experts in Miami

Types of Hair Painting

There are various types of Hair Lightening and painted by hand. Depending on how light you desire to have your hair, will determine the best hair painting technique. 

Our Color Specialists can recommend the best hair coloring and coloring technique for your hair. To create the best possible hair looks our experienced hair stylists incorporate a few hair coloring techniques.

  • Balayage
  • Foilyage
  • Ombre
  • Custom Hair Color Styling

Whether looking for a Balayage or the Latest Trend touch technique, Avant Garde Salon has the best Professionals in the hair styling and hair care industry!

Types of Hair Coloring

There are various Types of Hair Coloring techniques. Hair coloring (hair dyeing), is the process of changing hair color. Most times hair is colored to cover gray & white hair. 

Other reasons for hair coloring may be to follow color trends, fashion, special occasions & restore original hair color after being discolored & desire a color correction.

  • Permanent Hair Coloring
  • Permanent Ammonia Hair Coloring
  • Semi-Permanent Hair Coloring
Best Hair Color Styling Experts Miami

We use L`oreal, Goldwell, Redken, and Schwarzkopf hair coloring products. Whether looking for a Balayage, Ombre, Babylights, Partial Highlights, Foilyage, or Full Highlights, if you’re interested in treating yourself with a new look, we can do single process hair colors or can give your head a make-over with a completely new hair color.

Just keep in mind, we only recommend hair colors that work to help make you look better and that won’t damage your hair. If you feel your hair and scalp are very sensitive, with possible allergies we have a solution for you with Inoa permanent colors, ammonia-free hair chemicals. 100% Grey hair coverage. 

AirTouch Hair Color Services in Miami

Types Highlights & Lowlights

There are various types of Hair Highlights and Hair Lowlights. Highlights and Lowlights is the process of changing either section of hair or completely changing the hair color to lighter color and hair strands using hair lighteners. 

Hair Highlights can be done in natural hair tones as well as unnatural hair colors like pink, blue or another funky color.

  • AirTouch Hair – Foil / Blow-Dry
  • Foil Highlights
  • Frosting Highlights
  • Chunking
  • Babylights

Take it to an extreme by getting a Funky Hair Color like Mermaid Hair or take it a step further and Unicorn Hair, slightly different from the Mermaid look that just involves uniquely colored hair, by throwing your hair up into a twisted braid-like unicorn horn right on top of the head. 

Types of Creative Colored Hair

There are various types of Funky Hair Color techniques. Funky hair coloring is the process of changing either section of hair or completely changing the hair color to one or more unnatural hair colors. 

Examples of funky color hair dyes are purple, green, blue, and any color and shade that you wouldn’t normally see as a natural hair color.

Professional Funky Mermaid and Unicorn Hair Color Services

Balayage Hair Coloring Services

Discover the best hair color for you. The Best Hair Salon. The Best Hair Coloring Stylists… 

Do you feel like you want to try something new with your hair color? Our stylists are all passionate about the art of coloring hair. Whether you want to change your hair color, get full hair highlights, or just partial hair highlights, Avant-Garde is the salon to trust if you want your hair colored professionally and treated right.  

Try our famous Ombre or Balayage hair-colored styles by one of our Hair Coloring Professionals.

Uniquely painted and styled hair so you look your best! 

Professional Color Highlights in Miami FL

Color Highlights

Want Gorgeous Highlights? Looking for a unique Balayage hair color style? A Funky Hair Color?

Why not get the best of both worlds by getting a Foilyage?
At Avant-Garde our Hair Professionals know the latest hair color trends and styles. Experts at color mixology, our Hair Stylists will create the colors you want. 

Get the highlights you have wanted, like caramel highlights, or get a custom Ombre that fits your complexion. Hair Coloring and Hair Highlights can be applied on short or long hair.

Looking for delicate highlights? GET Babylights, are very fine white-blonde highlights that keep a very natural hair look and require low hair maintenance. 

Highlights can be applied to any hair color and any length (long/short). Highlights offer you a different look while making your hair appear luscious and healthy.

Let our Professional Hair Coloring Team help you choose the appropriate hair color shade to match your individual skin tone and achieve the best color and styling result. 

Ready to get an Ombre, Highlights, Balayage, or Foilyage hair color Salon application for a new look?

Did you know Avant-Garde Salon and Spa can correct your hair if you are not happy with how your hair color came out at another salon?
Schedule a consultation with one of our Color Correction Experts. Our highly trained and experienced hair professionals can recommend the best ways to achieve your best look & make your hair its’ healthiest. 

Our color experts will guide you to the best hair color change and/or highlights, like a Balayage, an Ombre, or if Babylights are best. If looking for a Balayage with a lighter look of hair highlights consider a foilyage and uplift your hair!

Balayage Hair Coloring Salon Miami Florida

Balayage Hair Color Styling Services

Balayage Hair Color Styling Services Get Your Perfect Look with Avant-Garde Salon and Spa’s Balayage Hair Color Styling Services  At Avant-Garde Salon And Spa We Have Professional Hair Stylist That Understand Depth And Dimension On All Types Of Hair To Create A Beautiful Color And Application Every Time. Looking At Getting A Unique Balayage Hair

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Avant-Garde AirTouch Hair Color Services in Miami FL

AirTouch Hair Coloring Services

AirTouch Hair Coloring Services Explore the AirTouch Hair Color Technique for a Unique and Vibrant Look  If you want to give your hair a unique and vibrant makeover, it’s time to embrace the AirTouch Hair Color Technique. This innovative approach to hair coloring was created by Vladimir Sarbashev in Russia and has been taking the

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Hair Color Correction Miami Hair Salon Services

Hair Color Correction Services

Hair Color Correction Services The Best Hair Color Correction Salon for Your Hair Color Needs  Your hair color can make or break your entire look. Choosing the right salon and spa to handle your hair color needs is crucial to achieving the perfect outcome. Luckily, Avant-Garde Salon and Spa offers Color Correction services and a

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Indulge in the ultimate luxury experience at our boutique Miami hair salon, where beauty meets unparalleled service. Pricing for our services is designed to offer value without compromising on quality, making beauty accessible to all.
Hair Coloring Services
Transform your look with confidence and style, as our team of licensed, certified, and experienced hair color professionals brings their expertise to our exceptional hair coloring services. Step into a world of endless possibilities as we create stunning, customized shades that perfectly complement your unique personality and features.
Shades or Toner (Semi permanent color)
Shades or Toner applied by a professional hair colorist! Our Semi Permanent Color tinting helps you get the exact shade of hair color that you’re looking for. We have hair colours in every spectrum, so you can find the perfect one to express your unique style.
Inoa Full Color (Ammonia free)
Transform your look with Inoa Full Color (Ammonia Free) applied by a professional hair colorist. Experience superior color results without the damage of ammonia, thanks to this unique coloring system. Enjoy beautiful long lasting professional results that reflect light and amplify shine.
Inoa One Process Color (Ammonia free)
Introducing Inoa One Process Color (Ammonia free) – an advanced hair color tinting system. This revolutionary product offers superior results that allow you to achieve the perfect shade of color without damaging your hair or exposing it to dangerous chemicals. Get beautiful, long-lasting results now with Inoa One Process Color.
Full Highlights
Get Full Highlights from our experienced hair colorists giving you the perfect color tinting look you desire. Our professional stylists are experienced in applying Full Highlights to help enhance and bring out the best features of your hair.
Partial Highlights
Get perfect partial highlights at our salon! Our experienced colorists use the latest techniques to give you a customized look. Let our team create beautiful dramatic partial highlights to achieve the look you desire. Book your appointment today and get ready to turn heads with beautiful, vibrant hair color.
Camouflage (For Him)
Introducing Camouflage (For Him) – the latest hair color tinting technique from our professional team of hair colorists! Get a vibrant, natural-looking result that blends in seamlessly, even as your hair grows. Our advanced formula provides up to 8 weeks of long-lasting gray coverage with no harsh chemicals.
One Process Color (For Her)
Experience salon-quality hair color with One Process Color (For Her). Our professional-grade hair color tinting service can give you the perfect shade of color to enhance your natural beauty. Our team of experienced hair colorists are dedicated to providing the best results and making sure that your style is on point.
Full Color Roots‎ (Roots-to-Ends For Her)
Get Full Color Roots‎ (Roots-to-Ends For Her) hair color tinting solution for women. Our experienced hair colorist will expertly blend your natural base color with the perfect pigment to create a subtle and beautiful multi-dimensional look. Get long lasting root-to-end color with no damage to your hair and no need to constantly touch up roots.
Get the natural-looking hair color of your dreams with our Full Balayage color tinting! Our highly trained and experienced professionals will create the perfect look that best suits your individual style and needs. From subtle to dramatic, we make sure you get exactly what you’re looking for.
Take your hair color game to the next level with Partial Balayage! Our professional colorists will get you to the perfect hue of your choice. Experience natural-looking highlights or a unique new look and enjoy a beautiful, sun-kissed finish that lasts. Let us create the perfect blend of tones for you.
Get professional high-quality Ombre hair color tinting services. Get a fresh new look with this sought-after style, creating the perfect balance between lighter and darker tones. Let our experts work with you to create a unique and custom look that fits your style.
Ombre – Balayage
Experience the perfect touch of beauty and sophistication with the Ombre-Balayage hair color creation service! Let one of our professional hair colorists use their expertise to give you a captivating blend of tones for your look. Our Ombre-Balayage hair coloring is designed to create a soft, natural-looking effect that will make you stand out from the rest.
Get Babylights hair color tinting service you’ve been waiting for! Get the subtle highlights and soft dimension of a natural balayage look with Babylights. Our professional hair colorists will customize your service to achieve exactly the look you’re after. Visit us today and get salon-style Babylights with no hassle!
Experience beautiful hair coloring with AirTouch Color Technique. Our professional hair colorists use an advanced airbrush tinting technique to create stunning, custom hair color while protecting the health of hair. Our unique approach delicately distributes natural pigments across each strand for rich, lasting coverage that is sure to turn heads.
Reinvent your look with Foilyage color tinting! Our professional hair colorists offer this revolutionary hair coloring technique for breathtaking results. Foilyage is a combination of balayage and foil highlights, creating an ultra-modern look that adds dimensions with minimum maintenance.

We look forward to adding your new hair color or hair highlights at Hair Salon located in Coral Gables.


  • Hairline Coloring
  • Half Head or Full Head Highlights
  • Partial Balayage or Full Balayage
  • Ombre
  • Ombre Balayage
  • Babylights
  • Funky Hair Colors
  • Foilyage


  • (One) Single Process Hair Coloring
  • Full Hair Color Service
  • Inoa (ammonia free) Hair Coloring
  • (One) Single Process Hair Coloring
  • Full Hair Color
  • Semi-Permanent Hair Color
  • Toner / Shade for Hair

Hair Color Services - FAQs

What is a Balayage hair color style?

Balayage hair color is a hair technique initially starting in France, Hairstylists apply hair coloring by a sweeping technique painting on your hair. Rather than using foil like traditional highlights, no foil is used.The styling effect allows for less needed maintenance since a Balayage does not follow highlighted hair lines like regular highlights.

What is an Ombre hair color style?

Ombre hair color is similar to a Balayage but instead of a sun-kissed highlights look, it is a transition of a lighter hair shade from a darker shade of the color. Ombre comes from the French word: shadow. Unlike a Balayage, with an Ombre there are no dark pieces of hair or undone areas on the bottom to look more natural, instead the color/shade fully transition between the colors to the ends.

What are Hair Highlights?

There are many variations of hair highlights and can be done to lighten your hair or highlight in other colors.The four basic types of hair highlights are:
  • Foil highlights {Traditional Technique}
  • Hair painting {Like a Balayage or Ombre}
  • Frosting
  • Chunking

What is a Foilyage hair color style?

Foilyage is a hair technique similar to the Balayage, Hairstylists apply hair coloring by a sweeping technique, painting on your hair. Then like traditional hair highlights, sections of hair are wrapped in foil. Once all hair sections are wrapped, heat is applied, causing the overall hair color is uplifted and lighter.The styling effect allows for less needed maintenance since a Foilyage like a Balayage does not follow highlighted hair lines like regular highlights.
Professional Balayage Before & After

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Avant-Garde Salon is the best hair color salon with many different types of highlights available as well as styled highlights like Balayage and Babylights. Get a Hair balayage Miami by best balayage Miami Salon. Get lighter, uplifted balayage by getting a Foilyage. Learn the difference between a full balayage vs. partial balayage or a half balayage vs. full balayage and learn what is a partial balayage.

Whether looking for ombre highlights, full hair highlights, or mermaid hair color our Color Specialists can make your dream come true. Want to keep it simple? Our color experts can match your hair color or favorite hair color and get funky hair colors, partial hair color, or a single process hair color. Let our hair experts explain and recommend the best hair color and color techniques. Learn what single-process hair color, partial hair, and hairline coloring for roots.

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