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Explore the AirTouch Hair Color Technique for a Unique and Vibrant Look 

If you want to give your hair a unique and vibrant makeover, it’s time to embrace the AirTouch Hair Color Technique. This innovative approach to hair coloring was created by Vladimir Sarbashev in Russia and has been taking the industry by storm. Unlike traditional methods, the AirTouch technique uses diagonal sectioning of hair strands to accentuate natural colors and minimize damage. Read on to discover the benefits of AirTouch coloring, how to prepare for your appointment, and how to maintain your new look.

The Benefits of AirTouch Hair Coloring:

Say goodbye to flat, boring hair colors and embrace the beautiful and multidimensional colors created by the AirTouch technique. The method is designed to highlight your natural hair colors, giving you a unique and vibrant look. The AirTouch technique is also gentler on your hair compared to traditional dye methods. By minimizing the amount of hair exposed to bleach, the AirTouch method reduces damage to your locks. 

How to Prepare for AirTouch Appointment:

If you’re intrigued by AirTouch coloring, you’ll want to do some research. Schedule an initial consultation with an Avant-Garde Salon colorist. During this visit, the stylist will assess your hair’s health and determine which AirTouch coloring method will work best for you. 

AirTouch Hair Color Technique Options:

There are several AirTouch technique options available, and your stylist will recommend the best one for your hair type. The most popular options include a full AirTouch and a partial AirTouch. A full AirTouch involves applying the technique to all of your hair, while a partial AirTouch applies the technique to specific areas, such as the front or sides of your hair. Another option is the root AirTouch, which only involves the roots. 

Maintaining Your AirTouch Hair Color:

After you’ve experienced the AirTouch Hair Color Technique, it’s essential to keep your locks looking fresh and vibrant. Begin by using hair products recommended by your stylist for maintaining your specific hair type. When it comes to washing your hair, less is more. Try to avoid washing your hair every day to prevent damage and color fading. When you do wash your hair, use cold water and a sulfate-free shampoo. Finally, keep heated styling tools to a minimum to avoid damage to your newly colored hair.

The AirTouch Hair Color Technique provides a gentler, multidimensional, and vibrant approach to hair coloring. It highlights your natural hair colors while minimizing damage and provides a beautiful and unique look. Remember to do your research, find a salon that offers the technique, and follow the stylist’s recommendations to maintain your new color. With AirTouch coloring, your hair will never look flat or boring again!

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