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Customize Your Own Beauty Celebration for Your Wedding

Thanks for considering Avant-Garde to be a part of your wedding plans.

We make wedding days unforgettable.
Ladies, customize your own beauty celebration for your wedding! We specialize in updo’s, makeup services, nail care, waxing and facials for wedding parties so you can just combine any of these services for your own unique beautification and spa experience.

Schedule your event in our Salon where you and your guests will relax and have all your beauty needs catered to. We’ve been serving wedding parties for over 30 years and know how to take care of a Bride-to-Be. We have many professional Stylists to handle all of your guests at the same time.

Wedding and Bridal Salon

Important recommendation to the Bride

Wash your hair the day before the wedding and do not blow dry your hair too straight to have a better stay for your all big day.
The trial is absolutely necessary. An up do is not an everyday hair style, in most of the case you need to try several styles to know which one will be yours. On your wedding day you are under stress and have a lot of last minute details to take care of, it is not a good day to decide about your hair style or makeup style

When you come with a picture that you find on the internet or in a Bridal Magazine, always have a plan B to give us a chance to help you and offer you another option… (for example, the models up-do’s may look more defined on blond hair, or her hair texture & hair abundance etc may be different)

Bridal Packages Are Available In The Salon Or On Location

Brides Packages

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Bridal Trial...
Bridal Hair (Trial):
Bridal Makeup with Lashes (Trial):
Bridal Hair...
Bridal Hair in Salon:
Bridal Hair On-Location Services (4+people):
Bridal Packages...
Bridal Hair, Makeup with Lashes on Ceremony Day in Salon:
On-Location Bridal Hair, Makeup with Lashes (4+people):
Bridal Makeup with Lashes On-Location Services (4+people):
(extra) Add Airbrush Makeup:

Bridesmaid Services

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Bridesmaids Hair...
Bridemaids Hair in Salon:
Bridemaids Hair On-Location Services: (4+people)
Bridesmaids Packages...
Bridesmaids Hair & Makeup in Salon:
Bridemaids Hair & Makeup On-Location Services (4+people):
Bridemaids Makeup with lashes in Salon:
Bridemaids Makeup with Lashes On-Location Services (4+people):
(extra) Add Airbrush Makeup:

Avant Garde Salon & Spa is located in the heart of Miami, in Coral Gables, on Miracle Mile

Wedding and Bridal Salon - Beauty Services

We look forward to scheduling your wedding in our salon’s calendar. Please fill-out the form below and one of our wedding salon Miami team members will contact you. Avant-Garde is a Miami bridal salon with years of experience located at 155 Miracle Mile, Coral Gables, Florida.

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